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16LED Teeth Whitening - Bright White Smiles


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The 16Led Teeth Whitening kit makes teeth whitening easier and faster than ever. This home whitening kit works using blue light technology to have teeth looking brighter, whiter and healthier.


  • 16LED teeth whitening kit
  • Adaptor cable approx. 12cm

How to use the 16Led Teeth Whitening Kit:

  • Start by brushing teeth thoroughly
  • Apply whitening gel to a thickness of about 2 or 3mm
  • Plug the adaptor cable into a mobile power source – when it’s on, it will emit a blue light
  • Insert the tray into the mouth and bite down – remove after 15 to 30 minutes
  • Should be used every morning
  • In the event that sensitivity occurs, use along with anti-sensitive toothpaste

The mouth tray should be warmed under hot water for around 10 seconds before it is inserted into the mouth, so that it takes on the shape of the teeth. As everyone’s mouth is different, this ensures that the tray fits more comfortably inside the mouth.

When it is used for the first time, the 16Led Teeth Whitening kit should be used only for 7 to 10 minutes before it is removed and the mouth rinsed with water. During this time, it’s up to the user whether they want to use the led light or not.

Starting off with a couple of shorter sessions allows the user to become more comfortable with the process. It should then be used for 3 days in a row, before being used only once a week. This should have the teeth looking up to 10 shades whiter within a very short amount of time and allows users to continue to improve the overall look of their pearly whites.

Package includes:

1 x 16Led Teeth Whitening Kit

1 x Adaptor cable

5 x Teeth whitening gel

1 x Anti-allergy gel

1 x Carry bag