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Dial Vision Glasses


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Dial Vision Glasses are perfect for anyone needing costly replacement glasses, without wanting to pay a fortune for the privilege. Whether this is to replace a broken or lost pair, or to simply update a prescription, these glasses are quick and easy to use. The glasses are completely adjustable to any prescription and they can be adjusted in just minutes.

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Dial Vision Glasses Features:

  • Impact Resistant
  • High Quality Lenses
  • Flexible frames
  • Adjustable Lenses for Every Prescription

Quick and Easy to Adjust: to adjust the glasses, the wearer simply needed to use the eye-chart included in the purchase and turn the dials on the sides of the glasses to adjust the lenses. The dials should be adjusted one at a time, until the letters on the chart come into focus. The glasses can be used for near-sighted or far-sighted individuals.

Developed in Oxford: these Dial Vision Glasses were developed by optical scientists in Oxford, who invented the glasses using sliding lens technology. The lenses are shifted using the dials at the edges of the glasses, allowing the wearer to adjust the strength of the lenses in a matter of seconds.

Customized Prescription for Each Eye: because the lenses are adjusted separately, it allows the wearer to customize their prescription for each, individual eye. This also means that they can be stored and used over a longer period, regardless of how many times the wearer’s prescription changes. The fact that they are adjustable means that they can also be shared.

A Quick, Easy Backup: the Dial Vision Glasses are great glasses to keep around the house for those instances where the wearer either loses or damages their glasses. The glasses can also be adjusted to reading glasses if need be, in a matter of minutes.

Flexible Frames: the frames have been manufactured to be flexible to prevent them from breaking and this ensures that they last longer.  

    Anyone who is reliant on glasses will know the stress of losing, scratching or even breaking their glasses. The Dial Vision Glasses ensures that individuals have an affordable and fast replacement in the event that the worst should happen.