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Sand Free Mat


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Beach sand has a tendency to get everywhere and this can make trips to the beach uncomfortable, but not with the sand free beach mat. This beach mat actually absorbs the sand, allowing it to filter through the material. It is the dual layers of synthetic mesh that allow the mat to trap the sand beneath, while preventing it from coming up again

Sand Free Beach Mat Features:

  • 200 CM x 150 CM  in size
  • Dual layered, synthetic mesh does not allow sand to gather on the mat
  • Simple and effective design making the product cost effective
  • Available in various, attractive colours
  • Easily foldable and lightweight
  • Can be used in a variety of settings, including at the beach, camping and on picnics

The mats can be used just about anywhere – from deserts to beaches – and they make outings that much more comfortable. The mat comes complete with padding, but it can also be used in conjunction with towels and pillows, protecting these items from being soiled by sand and dirt.

The product was originally designed to be used in the aviation industry to prevent dust and sand from being kicked up during a helicopter landing. This means the sand free beach mat works just as well on windy days as it does on calm ones. The simple and effective design has ensured the mat is affordable and at 200 cm x 150 cm’s, it is large enough for a family outing.

The sand free beach mat not only makes outings more comfortable for the family, but also protects food from being contaminated by pests or bacteria. After the outing, the mat can simply be easily folded away, packed in a bag and taken home again, without bringing beach sand and other contaminants along. The lightweight material makes it ideal for day trips, as well as longer camping trips, where weight considerations are of the utmost importance.

The sand free beach mat makes every trip to the beach more enjoyable, as well as more comfortable, and this means that it is a must have for every trip this summer.