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Slim Panties


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Slim Panties are the innovative, new high waist tummy control panties that will give you the silhouette you have always wanted. This item has been designed to shape a woman’s body, accentuating all the right curves while eliminating those unwanted problem areas. The panties come in one size and are simply fitted over the waist and tummy, making them incredibly quick and simple to use.

Slim Panties Features:

  • Provides 360 degree support
  • Constructed from spandex, antibacterial material
  • Lightweight
  • Gets rid of muffin top
Recommended Waist 67-76cm 76-83cm 83-91cm
Recommended Weight 45-50kg 50-60kg 60-70kg


Breathable, Antibacterial Material: The shaper is worn throughout the day or evening and fits around the belly, hips and buttocks. The item has been designed to eliminate love handles, tummy fat and any other problem areas. The item is designed from breathable, antibacterial material that not only supports the body, but is quick and easy to wash.

Lightweight design: just because the Slim Panties have been designed to shape the body, this doesn’t mean that they have to be uncomfortable. The panties have been designed to be lightweight and have been constructed out of spandex. The material stretches with the body, allowing for that much more comfort.

Smoothing, Not Squeezing: the Slim Panties do not squeeze the tummy, but rather smoothes it out, allowing the body to take on a much more natural silhouette, as well as allowing the wearer to be much more comfortable. Over time, the fabric continues to release, which ultimately allows it to conform to the body of the wearer.

When it comes to the rear, the Slim Panties offers a ruched back, and this allows the derrière to take on more definition. The contour panties are available in beige and black, allowing the wearer to choose the colour that will suit their outfit best. The panties are seamless, allowing them to blend it perfectly, and contain an eloquently designed lining, which add to their appeal and give them the appearance of lingerie.

When it comes to contouring the body, the Slim Panties work along with the body’s natural curves to produce an even more desirable shape, while ensuring that the wearer remains comfortable throughout the day.