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Tasty Egg Poacher


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The Tasty Egg Poacher is the easiest way to prepare perfectly poached eggs in the microwave, without the mess and fuss. This method is so simple that it allows egg lovers to enjoy poached eggs as often as they like, without having to learn any new skills or waste multiple eggs trying to poach them just right. With the Tasty Egg Poacher, every egg is perfect, every time.

How to use the Tasty Egg Poacher:

To use this kitchen accessory, the Tasty Egg Poacher simply needs to be filled with water before cracking an egg and placing it in the depression. The container lid then needs to be sealed and the poacher should be placed in the microwave.

Easy to remove draining baskets are then lifted out, along with a perfectly poached egg, allowing the water to drain away. The eggs can then be placed directly on the plate or on a warm, buttery slice of toast.

The entire process will take less than a couple of minutes, depending on how well the eggs need to be done. The microwave can be set for between 60 and 80 seconds, depending on personal preferences.

The Tasty Egg Poacher is lightweight and small enough that it can be stored out of the way, ready to be used every morning.


  • The Tasty Egg Poacher is available in three different colours; green, blue and orange
  • Each accessory can be used to poach two eggs
  • Size: 21.5cm x 10.5cm x 5cm
  • Suitable for 4 speed gear and <150W power
  • CIQ, CE / EU certified
  • Manufactured with ABS material

This is the perfect kitchen accessory for anyone who enjoys poached eggs. Not only does the Tasty Egg Poacher create the perfect poached egg every time, but it is quick and easy to clean. This also makes for a great novelty gift.