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USB Electronic Lighter

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The Electronic Lighter is an exciting new product that is completely electrically operated, which means that there is no flame! This lighter does not use butane or any other solvent in order to product a flame, but is chargeable and powered by a USB. The fact that the Electronic Lighter does not make use of a flame, means that it is safer and can be used in a wider range of settings, including outside in windy conditions. That’s right – the product is windproof.

Electronic Lighter Features:

  • Alloy lighter manufactured in various colours
  • 8 x 4 x 1.4 cm’s
  • Windproof
  • Contains a built-in lithium battery

Purchase includes 1 x USB Electronic Lighter, 1 x USB cable.

The product makes use of an electric arc or pulse in order to light cigarettes and cigars, but this is not all it can be used for – non-smokers can use them too. Non-smokers can use the lighter to light candles, incense, BBQ’s and so much more. Ultimately, the purposes to which the lighter can be put are endless. The lighter can be used in the same way as an ordinary lighter even though there is nothing ordinary about it.

An Attractive Accessory: the lighter is small, compact and modern-looking, making it a very attractive accessory. The lighters are available in a range of colours and are small enough that they can be pocketed for use whenever they are needed. The lighter simple flips open and the arc is produced by clicking the button on the side of the lighter. The arc is produced instantly and looks very futuristic.

Easy to Use: to start using the lighter, it simply needs to be charged with the USB cable. No mess, no fuss. Charging can be done just about anywhere, making it convenient and fast. The USB cable is inserted quickly and easily at the bottom of the lighter.